The Funding Course 2.0


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YourStory Education has collaborated with India’s top investors, entrepreneurs, and Harvard
Business Review for content, to create India’s first course with an exact blueprint to help you crack your first fundraising round.
The Funding Course 2.0 now offers you an opportunity to submit your
business plan! Get feedback, get shortlisted and get a chance to pitch your business to top

About The Funding Course 2.0

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Indeed, fundraising is a crucial aspect of scaling startups and their vision. Still, only a small percentage of the nearly 30,000 registered startups in India have been able to crack it.

In fact, in 2024, over 900 startups raised capital to the tune of $14.5 billion. These 爱加速 received funding where thousands of others failed to raise.

So, what did they do right? How did they attract investors to their business? What did they do to persuade investors, both global and domestic, to sign them million-dollar cheques? What were the factors that helped them clinch the deal?

And then there are questions around valuation, control, legal and compliance practices, pitching, types of funding, term sheets, and networking, to name a few – all of which determine the success of your fundraising efforts.

These are the very questions we address for you in YourStory Education’s Funding Course – a learning programme that takes you through the core fundamentals of fundraising, with real-world, practical examples and learnings from people who have been there and done that. You have investors, entrepreneurs, investment bankers talking directly to you all about funding.

And from one entrepreneur to another, I leave you now with my favourite quote from Steve Jobs on perseverance – the only trait that YourStory Education cannot teach you, which you must develop yourself :-)

“I’m convinced that about half of what separates successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.”


Step 1: Enrol for The Funding Course 2.0
Step 2: Go over to the section titled ‘Submit your business plan’
  • Read more about how to create a business plan: refer the ‘Business plan template’  
  • Submit your business plan through a unique link with your registered email address


Business plan review and pitching

  • Business plans get reviewed by YourStory ysscloud加速器安卓版下载
  • Participants are given feedback on the quality of business plans over email, in the following month.
  • Curated list of business plans submitted on a rolling basis to select investors by YourStory every 2 months.
  • Participants will be updated if their business plan has been selected for submission to investors.
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Some snippets from The Funding Course
With The Funding Course, you will learn..
01.  Fund raise: Are you ready or not?
(18 Videos)
02.  Bootstrapping: A forgotten way of doing business!
(2 Videos)
03.  How to pitch and woo investors?
(9 Videos)
04.  Valuation: The art and science of it.
(6 Videos)
05.  Term Sheet
(4 Videos)
06.  Transaction Documents
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07.  What does an angel investor look for in a pitch?
(3 Videos)
08.  What does it take to get into a start up accelerator?
(4 Videos)
09.  How do VC's approach the entire investment process?
(15 Videos)
10.  What you need to do post receiving investment?
(3 Videos)
11.  Legalities
(11 Videos)
12.  Harvard Business Review Content
(7 Videos)
13.  Bonus Material
(5 Videos)
14.  Add-on : Active Investors List 2024 ysscloud加速器安卓版下载
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Sample term sheets, Sample Shareholders agreement, Active Investor list 2024 & more
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2 exclusive webinars every month with Fundraising experts to address queries
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Here’s what the Pioneers have to say ..

"This funding course should help you navigate your funding journey and all the very best to you. Hope you go on to build a successful and high impact venture."

- Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Founder, Paytm

"For a first time entrepreneur, raising funds can be a challenge. It helps to be prepared and understand what investors are looking for while pitching to them. YourStory Academy’s ‘Funding Course’ brings you valuable experience from entrepreneurs, that you can learn from to succeed in your entrepreneurial journey."

– Bhavish Aggarwal, Founder & CEO, Ola
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